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What am I up to?

Hey everyone!

I hope you are all well and enjoyed your weekend! My family and I had a relatively quiet weekend for the second week in a row. No big plans, no expectations, no worries.

Sunday, my husband found out that there is a castle (one of a handful, it turns out!) about 40 minutes away from us. So we went for a drive! The story goes that the original house was built as a regular A-frame home. But the owner couldn't stop, and just kept building. He built it all himself, and decided he wanted a castle! So, stone by stone, he built himself a castle!

Now here is where I would show you a picture of said castle, right? Sadly, the guy died in 2006, and from what we can find, the place has been closed ever since. So all we got was a picture from behind the broken gate. Not as fun, I promise.

We did have a mockingbird attack our car though. He went crazy over my back tire, then flew up to my rearview mirror, and decided to try to get in through the back window. It was kind of crazy!

Besides that, I've been writing! I've finished the first draft of CW: A Pact Series Novella and am working through edits on it.

I've also plotted Book 1 and rough outlined/planned Book 2! I feel quite ahead, however, the books do have to get written...

That's what I'm up to lately! Drop a comment and tell me what's going on in your world!

See you soon!

-- Danielle

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