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Hidden Hearts Triggers: 

Reclaimed: anxiety rep, parental abandonment, humiliation prank

Series contains characters of all color and races, as well as members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Series Reading Order LN.png

Love Notes Series triggers: 

McKinnon/Kerri/Jade-- may contain some cursing

Spencer-- car accident (no death, minor injury)

Sofia-- death of a family member

Calista-- parental neglect

Marley-- parental drug usage (off page)

Series contains characters of all color and races, as well as members of the LGTBQ+ community

Series Reading Order Pact.png

Pact Series Triggers: 

Surface: depression, anxiety, cutting, suicidal thoughts, parental verbal, emotional, mental abuse

Layers: parental neglect, drug use, drinking, off page mention of sex

Plan: bullying

Series Reading Order.png

Tangled Web Series Triggers: 

PMN-- bullying, fighting

CMN- parental abandonment

TMN- bullying, foster family abandonment, physical violence

Series Reading Order Royals.png

Royals Triggers: 

Roots-- death of family member

Radical-- cursing, bullying, minor sexual harassment

Series Reading Order parkdale.png

Parkdale Series Triggers: 

OOTD: bullying, drinking, mention of drug use, anger issues, death of family member, parental neglect, parental emotional abuse

ITL: partying, drinking, significant other mental abuse, cheating (off page, not main couple)

CFTS: fade to black sexual scene, significant other mental abuse (ex-boyfriend)

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