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It's a great day for a word search...

I'm participating in the Book Owl Word Search (BOWS), and I'm on the ORANGE team! Go Orange! See if you can find my secret word and continue the search to other authors on my team!

Have you ever been to summer camp? Well, it's a great place to escape reality. Especially if you are sixteen, about to enter your junior year of high school, and don't want to talk about all the craziness you have going on at home.

However, it's also a great place to confide in your best camp friends. Maybe they could help you work out your problems from home.

But if your group refuses to talk about reality, things can only get worse.

What happens when the Camp Wildwood crew comes to their last five days at camp? Tensions are high, anxiety is spiking, and someone's going to break.

Before the summer ends, one member of the crew decides they all need to make a PACT. What does this mean? Who is going to write it? How will they figure it all out?

Find out in the starter novella, Secrets of the Summer!

(If you didn't catch it, my secret word was PACT!)

Continue BOWS at the next stop on Janina Franck's website.


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