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Beneath all the Layers is DONE!

Howdy friends!

Last week was one of the craziest weeks. I feel everyone had a crazy week too-- did you?

I was up to my eyeballs and then some in edits for Jennie's book. While not as mentally taxing and stressful as Lizzie's, it still kept me very occupied.

Sunday and yesterday I spent going over my proofreaders comments and my best friend's edits too. Why her? Because she's an artist, and I had to make sure that everything art related was perfect! While I consulted her along the way, it needed that final touch for sure.

I credit my bestie with helping me get through the wall I hit a few weeks back. I was Stuck, capital S necessary. Together, we talked through it, came out with an amazing underlying theme for Jennie, and the whole thing was sewn together. And I'm in LOVE.

Jennie is with the formatter right now, getting all prettied up (much to her despise-- she'd rather stay in her paint-stained clothing!). The cover reveal is coming soon too and its PERFECTION. It's 100% Jennie all around.

So stick around-- blurb, cover, and all the goodies to come! Release is in 3 short weeks on April 15th!

Want an ARC? Join my street team! Be sure to read the first two books before you apply!

I'll jump back when the cover releases and all the fun begins! Until then, I'm off to start Robin's story!!

<3 <3-- Danielle

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