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NaNo Wrap Up

Good morning and Happy December!

For those of you that participated in NaNoWriMo, happy finish! For some, it's a strugglebus to get to the end of November. The words stop flowing, the characters take a hike, and you're left in a puddle on the floor wondering whyyyyyyy.

I get it. I've been there. I've both "won" and "lost" NaNo before.

But, the best part about this challenge is that it's PERSONAL. Did you write every day? You won!

Did you create an entire new world, new characters, and give them life? You won!

Did you try NaNo for the first time ever? You also won! (I'm starting to feel like Oprah here...)

"Winning" NaNo doesn't bring you cash prizes, it doesn't bring an automatic best seller novel, and it doesn't bring fame and fortune.

When I finished my 50,000 words back on November 19th (oddly enough, the exact same day I finished in 2019!), all I got was a few happy dances between myself and my husband. Then it was back to the computer to keep writing.

The story isn't done. The month ended with 62,000 words in the novel.

And guess what phase I'm in now that it's December 1? The "omg, this book sucks, it's a piece of trash, I need to toss it all and write something else" phase. It's a great phase that all authors go through.

So yesterday, I stepped back. I opened another project that needs my attention and busted out a few thousand words on that instead. It flowed, I was happy, and best of all, I didn't delete my NaNo book!

The best part of NaNo is the accountability. The stat tracker on the website shows you exactly where you should be to stay on track and hit 50k by the end of Nov 30. If you're above it-- great! You can afford an off day. If you're below it? You'll know exactly how many words you need to make it up.

The accountability also helps set you in a better habit. Crank out the words. Get them out of your brain, and then worry about editing later. Like I said a few weeks ago, you can't edit a blank page. Getting in the habit of putting something down every day is better than doing nothing.

I'm at the point where I have a few projects I can work on now, instead of just one, so if I get to the "toss it" phase, I have something else to look at.

This week I'm hoping to finish up that project I went back to yesterday (I'll tell you about it soon!), and work on editing/ rewriting parts of the novella coming in January. Then I'll head back to the first book, the one I wrote for NaNo.

Maybe some time apart will do us good.

Anyway, long story short- if you participated in NaNo AT ALL-- I'm proud of you. Attempting is the first step! If you did NaNo and want some advice on what to do next, hit me up! I'd love to help.

Until next time, lovely friends-- stay healthy, stay happy.

<3 Danielle

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