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It's almost Christmastime in Parkdale!

Have you visited Parkdale yet? It's almost Christmas time and the gang is getting ready to celebrate!

If you've read all 3 novels, you're ready to join the festivities!

Writing A Very Parkdale Christmas was like going home for me. I cranked the entire 14k novella out in a matter of 3-4 days. Visiting with some of my favorite characters was so much fun.

Brandon and Claire felt like family and seeing them together again made my heart all warm and fuzzy.

Jackson and Emmy face yet another challenge, but I just know they'll come out on top. They worked so hard, and I hated throwing this at them! They were actually my hardest couple to write-- mainly because they hadn't been much of a couple for their book! I only had a little bit of time with the two of them together, so putting them in the situation they are in during this novella seemed fitting.

Landon and Whitney... oh I just want to hug them. They are hosting their own Christmas dinner and the guests they have fill me with joy. Their little story is the sweetest ending for them!

And... there's two other stories within this novella! Who? You'll have to find out on Thursday!

Remember, this novella will not be in Kindle Unlimited, but is available for only .99! Pre-order it today, or grab it on Thursday at

I'll see you all next week!

--Danielle Keil

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