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What have I been up to?

Well, who actually expected me to keep up with this every single week?

Me. That's who. It was me. And I failed.

However, it's for good reason. I've been neck deep in finishing book 3 in the Pact Series, Beneath all the Layers.

This book follows Jennie, one of the Camp Wildwood crew. She's an artist at heart, and really doesn't care about much else in life.

Her home life leaves much to be expected, and if you read the first chapter in the back of Far from the Surface, then you know why. Her brother puts her in a strange situation for a seventeen year old; one that not even adults should be put into.

I stalled on this book for about two weeks (because of life, because of writers block, etc). About two weeks ago, I was talking to my best friend (also an artist, the one who did the drawing of the Cast from the Shadows bookstore!), and together we had a massive breakthrough on the story.

Now, I've been trying to put the p

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