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I'm back!

Guess what?

I FINALLY finished editing Far from the Surface and it should be ready for ARC members TOMORROW! Emails are going out on Thursday, and I am super nervous.

Scratch that. I think I'm okay. Nervous, but okay. Beta reader feedback has come back super positive, so I'm excited to see what the ARC readers say. I already put my big girl undies on and am expecting negative reviews based off of content (there is a trigger warning, but lots of people read that, and still give negative reviews because of those issues...)

It's going to be released on February 18th, and go straight into Kindle Unlimited. Pre-Order is already up!

Did you know the first chapter to this book is already released? Yup, it's in the back of Secrets of the Summer! I'll be including the first chapter to all the next in series in the back of each book, to grab your interest in the next character.

I also just finished the bonus scene for Far from the Surface, and it's ready to go when you finish the book. For most of my books, I include a link in the very back for you to grab a bonus scene. If you've read the Parkdale Series, and *haven't* noticed the bonus scenes, shoot me an email and I'll send you the links!

What else has been going on? I'm about 1/4 of the way through Jennie's book (Beneath all the Layers; book 3 of the Pact Series) and it's coming along pretty nicely.

Far from the Surface cover reveal is on February 9th, and I cannot WAIT to show it to you. It's amazing. I want a poster of it.

I just got the teasers back for FftS too, and there's one that just makes my jaw DROP. I know I wrote the book, but dang. So good.

Well, I'll be back next week with the COVER REVEAL!!! Keep an eye on my social media-- I've been dropping teasers all over the place. Instagram (stories and feed), FB Page, Group, and TikTok!

Have a fabulous week!

<3 <3 Danielle

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