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Far from the Surface NOW AVAILABLE!

Book 2 in the Pact Series is LIVE!

You can grab the paperback, ebook, or read it for free in Kindle Unlimited!

Download it here:

Missed book 1, Secrets of the Summer? The short starter novella is only 99 cents or also free in KU!

Grab it today:

Check out this excerpt, then continue reading today!

No one was supposed to know. This was my pain, my secret, my escape. What right did he have to take this from me? What right did he have to shame me?

"Lizzie..." he whispered in a strangled voice. My lip quivered as I stole a quick glance at him, finding his own face streaming with tears. His eyes weren’t full of pity anymore.

He was scared.

Scared for me.

My heart dropped to my stomach. I sucked in a breath, attempting to fill my lungs with air and failing. The car became a prison, crushing me. I had to get out.

Pushing open the door, I leapt out of the car and ran. The only thing I had on me was my phone; everything else remained in Ethan's trunk. I was at least two miles from home, and it would get dark soon.

But I ran.

Leaving Ethan behind, vaguely hearing his shouts, the car door slams, the engine roaring to life. My phone rang.

I ran.

I ran toward home, though it wasn't where I wanted to go. I didn't know where I wanted to go. I wanted to escape, desperately needing to get away from everyone and everything. To start over, to try my hand at this life again and not fuck it up.

I ran.

Happy reading!!!

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