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A Thanksgiving Treat for you!

The Parkdale Crew Celebrates Thanksgiving!

I sat down to a quick Thanksgiving with the Parkdale crew recently, and they were nice enough to let me record as we went around the table stating what we were thankful for!

Claire: I'm thankful for my Mom and our relationship. I'm thankful for Brandon. I'm also thankful for the health and safety of all my friends and family. Brandon: I'm thankful for my Ray, every single damn day, not just today. Claire: Okay, hot stuff, but like, pick something else too. Brandon: Why? You said you were thankful for me. ::Claire rolls eyes:: Brandon: Fine. I'm thankful for my body and what it can do on the football field, letting me explore some amazing options for my future. Claire: Much better. Jackson: Well, I'm thankful for this turkey in front of me, and the turkey next to me. Emmy: Are you calling me a turkey? Jackson: No, I was referring to Brandon, duh. You're too pretty to be a turkey. You'd be... a peacock. Emmy: A female is actually called a peahen Jackson: Say what? ::Emmy nods:: Jackson: Always learning something new with you... Brandon: Is it bad that I'm not even offended by what you say anymore? Claire: Nope. Just means you're used to him now. I can't remember the last time I got offended by Jackson... Jackson: You were thirteen and I-- ::Claire clamps her hand over his mouth:: Claire: We're officially done here. Emmy, you're up. Emmy: I'm thankful for Jackson, for my friends, for my family, especially my dad's continued health, and for how perfectly everything is lining up at school, allowing me to continue my future plans. Landon? Landon: Well... I'm thankful for the bookstore doing well. And for my family accepting my new plans in life. Whitney: And? Landon: Oh, and you of course. Whitney: AND? Landon: And Dorothy, and your family, and Bop. Whitney: Damn straight. And I'm thankful for the bookstore, for Shelby, for Landon, for Dorothy, and for my family. And Landon's family. And for coffee. And for all of you guys. And-- Landon: I think we get it, Luna girl. Claire: Danielle, does that cover it? Do you want us to do more, or... Me: That's perfect. Thank you guys so much! Jackson: WAIT. Hold up, you didn't tell us what you were thankful for. Me: Who, me? Brandon: Yes, you. We don't get to talk to you often anymore. Tell us what's up! Me: Oh ::blush:: well, I'm thankful for my family-- my husband, my kids, my dog. All my other family. For my neighbors and my friends. And you guys, of course. This crew has changed my life, for the better of course. Jackson, whispering: I knew it! ::Claire kicks him under the table:: Me, laughing: I love you guys so much. This isn't goodbye... I'll be seeing you soon... Landon: Wait, really? How soon? Jackson: Into the Light part 2?? Brandon: Sit down, J. She's done with your sorry, moping ass. Claire: Danielle, really? You'll come visit us again? Me: I have plans. Don't you worry, I'll be travelling back to Parkdale soon enough... Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! Dig in!

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