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Y'all.... how on Earth have I ignored you for TWO weeks in a row! I am so, so sorry!

Maybe it was the holidays. Maybe it was trying to edit Secrets of the Summer (releasing sooooooon!) Maybe it was trying to catch up and get ahead for 2021 (yeah... attempting...)

Either way, 2020 is almost over (hallelujah!) and it's been... well, interesting.

Here's a look back at what happened for me book-wise in 2020!

I published 3 full length novels, 1 novella, and 1 anthology.

I wrote approximately 424,000 words (some that'll come out next year!).

I have 1 novella, 1 full length novel, 1 anthology short written/to be edited for next year already.

I've made more new friends than I could ever imagine, found new tribes, and had a blast doing it all.

I've read just shy of 70 books (nowhere near my 100+ goal, but that's ok!), and binged multiple TV shows.

Next year I have 1 novella, 1 anthology, and 5 full length novels on the docket. 2 more anthologies are floating around as potentials, as is 1 more novella.

It's been a wild ride, and it's only going to get better! So strap in and lets go!

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