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Camp Wildwood: A Pact Series Novella

Yup, the rumors are true. I'm deep into a new series! I'm working on first round edits for the series starter novella now. Then it heads to beta readers, more edits, and eventually up for pre-order!

Tentative release date is January 14th, 2021.

This series is taking a slight curve from my last one. The Pact Series will follow a younger age group-- 16/17 year olds, and will cover some darker subjects than Parkdale did.

There will still be slight romance aspects to them, but romance will not be the number one plot motivator. Instead, it's about growth, about overcoming obstacles, and facing your inner demons.

It's about how sometimes it's okay not to be okay. There's a deeper message within each full length novel, and I'm so hoping I can convey it all in the best way possible.

Anyway, if you aren't in my reader group or subscribed to my newsletter, do that now! I revealed a bit of the opening in my reader group, and will be giving away a bit more in my next newsletter :-)

I'm excited for you all to read this series. I feel like it's an important series for not only the younger demographic to read, but for everyone. I have all the books plotted already, and will be using Book 1 as my NaNoWriMo book (more on that next week!)

True to my procrastination self, I've already been looking for covers, creating taglines, and doing all the things I don't need to be doing yet.

If you're super interested in helping me promo this book, or grab an early ARC of them, make sure you sign up for my Street Team!

I'll be back next week with a NaNo update!

Take care of yourself--


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