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Radical Royal

Being a princess sucked sometimes.

When the fighting between my dad, the King, and I became unbearable, I did what any seventeen-year-old would do—I ran away.

I wanted a bit of space. What I got was so much more.
Having to live undercover at a boarding school for a chance at a normal life was well worth it.

Until I crossed paths with the extremely talented and exceptionally hot Oliver Hastings.
Thanks to his hatred of me, tensions ran high. But as much as we fought, something kept pulling us together.

So when he asked for a favor that could change his life, I reluctantly agreed, even though it put me in a perilous position.

Was he worth the risk of getting caught and being forced to return home?

Radical Royal:
An Enemies to Lovers, Boarding School Romance

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 Danielle Keil returns to writing romance with Radical Royal! This Young Adult, enemies to lovers romance is sure to keep you up all night flipping pages. And when they get to their first kiss? Fireworks. Grab Radical Royal today in ebook, paperback, and hardcover!

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My world was in pieces, and the only thing holding it together was the man who hated me

Radical Royal: An Enemies to Lovers, Boarding School Romance