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Far from the Surface

Far from the Surface is Book 2 in The Pact Series

When the pressure threatens to drag Lizzie into the darkness, will she be able to find her way out?


The world around sixteen-year-old Lizzie Wright is crumbling.

She begins her junior year with an enormous amount of weight on her shoulders. Not only will she have to try to defend her two state swimming titles, but her coach wants her to add even more events onto her roster.

That’s on top of the already anxiety-inducing amount of schoolwork.

And the issues she deals with at home, leaving her battered and bruised.

As the panic builds, Lizzie starts to sink. Soon, she’s so far under, she can’t see the surface anymore. And for the first time, she doesn’t think she wants to.


Will the weight continue to pull Lizzie under, or can she find her way back to the top?


Trigger Warning: This book deals with sensitive topics that may be difficult for some readers.


Released December 16th, 2020

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Even the best swimmers drown sometimes...

Far from the Surface

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