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Imperfections in the Plan

When Robin creates the perfect plan for revenge, will it work against her high school bully?

The once methodical world around sixteen-year-old Robin Engelbretson has taken a tumultuous turn.

She’s known as the science nerd, and doesn’t mind the label one bit.  Spending her time studying and doing homework, Robin’s never been one for a big social life, unlike her sister Hazel.

Tired of having her own twin sister be her biggest bully, Robin devises a plan to bring her down and give her a taste of what it’s like at the bottom of the high school hierarchy.

Step one- making Hazel jealous by getting her ex-boyfriend to agree to be her fake-boyfriend. But Hazel is a master of manipulation, and steps two through five may be harder than Robin anticipated.

Robin will do anything to make sure her plan succeeds, but at what cost?

Will Robin lose sight of everything important to her, or can she catch herself before she falls too deep into the world of revenge?

Beneath all the Layers

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 Danielle Keil is excited to bring you the world of Jennie Song-- a feisty 17 year old artist who is sure she knows what's best for her in life. But... when her family's issues get in the way, will Jennie be able to maintain  everything and keep everyone happy?


A lone tear rolled down my face at the thought of this massive, epic failure. Never had I ever screwed up so badly, and deep down I knew it was all my fault. 

Imperfections in the Plan