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I need a planner for my planner and why some authors are the best people ever.

Anyone here still use a paper planner? And get excited by new pens?

I *have* to have a paper planner. And if it's not written down in there, it basically doesn't exist in my world. I can't do digital ones, I have to be able to see it at all times. In a weekly format too, so I know what's coming up and what I can move around.

Even with all that, I still miss things! Like updating this blog. I said every Tuesday, and I've been slacking! Sadly, it gets pushed to the bottom of the list, especially when I have things like finishing edits and starting a new story on said list.

That being said-- SECRETS OF THE SUMMER IS LIVE! The Pact Series starter novella is live and now in Kindle Unlimited! It is a series, so you DO need to read this quick story first.

Now, another thing: amazing authors. If you've been following some gossip in the last month in romance author land, you know that there have been not so nice things said about a lot of authors around town.

I'm here to say the OPPOSITE and tell you about my AMAZING experience with some bigger name authors.

First, I will say I started a small relationship with these authors via Instagram. I would share their posts, post when I read their books, etc., which lead to a few small conversations in DM's. I didn't cold call anyone lol.

But, when I was starting out last year, and was looking for some support, I turned to some of these people who I trusted.

When one of my favorites, Kandi Steiner, found out we were release day twins for my first book, Out of the Darkness, she asked for my info so she could include it in her next newsletter. Out of nowhere. I didn't ask. All I said was "happy release day, release day twin!" and she offered. I was (am) a nobody. And she took MY book and let her thousands of readers know about it. Not only once-- but TWICE it was in her newsletter.

When my second book came out, and I wanted to do a release party in a big FB group, I started looking for people to fill the time slots. However, I didn't have a huge group of author friends at the time. What I did have was some small relationships with authors via DM. So I asked them. I pulled up my big girl undies and straight forward asked.

The worst they could say was no, right? That wouldn't be the end of the world!

But they said yes. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

Kandi Steiner. Meghan Quinn. Ali Dean. Jacob Chance. Christopher Harlan. They all said yes. Max Monroe didn't see the DM in time and told me to email them next time and they'd be in, which is fair.

I went all 'shoot your shot', and came out victorious. Did they know who I was, in author terms? Heck no.

Did I freak out because, to me, they're huge authors? Heck yes.

The fact that they took time out of their lives to attend my release party made me feel like I made it, y'all.

I still DM with some of them occasionally, about an IG story or their book. And usually they always respond. Are we besties? Well, maybe in my head. But do they need to respond? Nope. They could ignore the little people and still be huge authors.

Some of these authors, like Kandi, give back to writers in amazing ways too. She has the "Wrangling the Writer" series on her IG, where she takes the time to explain author-biz and the like. She also allows authors to take over her IG stories EVERY Tuesday.

Like, literally log in to her IG account and post to her 26/27 THOUSAND followers. And I got to do it yesterday (Hence, another reason this post is late). She was so gracious. So kind. SO supportive. Goes out of her way to encourage everyone. I wanna be her when I grow up (wait... I'm actually older than her... ok, whatever)

So yes, there'll always be drama in the world. But if you look on the bright side, and you find the good people, you'll go far.

So shine bright, my friends. Keep pushing yourself farther and accomplishing your goals!

<3 <3-- Danielle

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