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Hello and Welcome!

I am so excited that you're here, visiting my new website. Let's be real-- I'm not the best at all aspects of technology, so creating a website had been pushed to the very, very bottom of my ever-growing to-do list.

But, alas, here we are!

Let's start off with a little intro, shall we? Sure, you've read the About section, but that's just scratching the surface. Who am I really? Why do you want to be here, reading this? Why do you want to read my books?

Great questions. First, I'm Danielle Keil, author of Young Adult/ New Adult contemporary romance.

I published my first novel in November 2017. It was one of those "I did it!" moments, and then it fell flat from there. Why? Because I didn't know ANYTHING. Seriously, I figured out how to publish it to Amazon, and then I posted on Facebook about it. The end!

This time, when I had another book written, I tried to do better. I joined a Facebook group, found a real cover designer, and had a friend edit it.

Then guess what I did? Yup. I told my Facebook friends about it. Only this time I also had Instagram, so I told them too.

But I got better. By book 2, I had somewhat figured out marketing, Facebook groups, promotion companies, and the works. I had an author tribe, I found my people.

Since then, I've hit the ground running and cannot be stopped! Publishing is like getting a tattoo-- it hurts, there's tears, there's a huge rush, and then it becomes addicting and you have to do it again!

This year I published 3 full length novels and have 1 novella coming up. The entire Parkdale Series can be found under Books here on this site. All 3 novels are available in Kindle Unlimited as well.

So, that's my beginnings in a nutshell! Drop a comment and let me know why you're so excited to be here. Also let me know if there is anything you specifically want to see me write here! My goal is a new post every Tuesday!

Until then--

Danielle Keil

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