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New Release!
You're Invited: 
An Extended Epilogue

Everyone at Ryder High knows what it means to have a teal envelope taped to your locker on the first day of the month.

But when a teal envelope arrives to McKinnon’s house mid-December, it draws nothing but confusion.

Soon, she finds out everyone who participated in the Secret Admirer program over the last ten months also received a teal envelope.

But inside is not a letter. It’s a ticket.

All the chosen girls and their admirers have been invited to a New Year’s Eve masquerade party and encouraged to dress in couple’s costumes.

But who is putting on this party and why?

Will McKinnon and her friends finally get the answers they’ve been waiting for?


This is an extended series epilogue, and only meant to be read after all ten Love Notes books!! Do not read if you have not finished the entire series.

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Dear McKinnon:
A YA Secret Admirer Romance

Dear McKinnon is the start of the Love Notes series-- a YA secret admirers novellas series about the students of Ryder High. 

The tradition of the Secret Admirers is long held and anticipated by a teal envelope appearing on a girl's locker each month. She is the chosen one and has 1 month to figure out who her admirer is based off the clues given. 

Join the journey of the Ryder High girls in the Love Notes Series today-- available on amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

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"Just like the sun, you don't have to shine all the time. Sometimes, the clouds come in and the rain pours down. No one thinks less of the sun because it doesn't shine every day." 

Dear Marley, a secret admirer YA Romance

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