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Trick Me Not
A fake dating, brothers best friend, contemp fairy tale romance

At Fairview-Teller High, light mixes with dark. Good with evil. And heroes with villains. But there’s a reason the students call it Fairy Tale High. They'll get their happily ever after, even if they have to fight for it.
When Sylvie’s foster brother finds out she’s being bullied, he calls all of his friends in for support. They decide to be her protectors, with the Lone Wolf, Luke Conri, taking the lead.
During the next run-in with the bully, Luke accidentally calls Sylvie his girlfriend. And thanks to social media, the whole school now knows.
Luke and Sylvie agree to pretend to date in order to keep Sylvie safe. Neither of them is looking for a real relationship, anyway.
Besides, Luke is Sylvie’s brother's best friend… she can’t date him for real, right?
But what happens when the truth about Sylvie and the bully finally comes out?
Will it ruin everything for Luke and Sylvie?
** fake dating
** brother’s best friend
** modern day fairy tale retelling
Trick Me Not is a fairy tale mashup of Snow White and the Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood, perfect for fans of Cookie O’Gorman, Jenny Han, and Jillian Dodd.

Even villains deserve happily ever afters, Una...

Charm Me Not, a YA enemies to lovers romance

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